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Small Caliber answers

37 / 40 mm (APT!TM) answers

How many times can the Aircartridge be reloaded ?
On average 500 times for the projectile firing version, 600 times for the recoil, and 750 times for the .38/Mag.
You don’t have to worry about that. If the Aircartridge stops functioning just ship it back to AirMunition and we will replace it free of charge.
Note: We tell the customer that it’s 500 shots in average per Aircartridge. Actually it’s more than that (at least 1000).
Can the Aircartridge suddenly break down?
During its lifetime the Aircartridge maintains the same operational characteristics
However after approx. 500 shots the Aircartridges are expected to require service and need to be replaced.

How many times can you fire the same projectile?
-     Small Caliber pellets

  1. Medium Caliber pellets
  2. operational rounds
Only once. We discourage firing a pellet more then once to avoid feeding, ejection or projection problems.
Multipurpose, Tadpole and Grenade Trainers have been designed to give excellent accuracy for at least 20 shots. Depending on type of rifling engaged acceptable accuracy can be expected up to 50 times.
What is maximum trajectory for 1 square feet accuracy?
The Small Caliber training system was conceived to answer all but 5 percent of all training requirements for shooting-incidents, which statistically all take place within 5 squads, 5 shots and 5 meters. The systems provides point of aim (= point of impact precision) within these confinements.
A one on one replacement of the Pyro equivalent. This system is accurate up to 40 meters.
Does the system provide the same velocity and accuracy for all the Small Caliber. dedications or Medium Caliber launchers?
All the dedications meet the same high standards. However some of the dedications seem to be even more accurate.
If a launcher is not accurate, it will not become accurate with AirMunition payloads. Accuracy and Velocity depends of the type of launchers used.
Does the ManMarker hurt in man-on-man engagement?
The impact of the ManMarker can be felt clearly (through 2 layers of clothes) but it will never break the skin. You don’t need special protective clothing, but you have to wear safety glasses, a facemask and a light neck protection. Half gloves are recommended.
Not applicable.
W.i. the blunt trauma expected from the MultiPurpose? Not applicable.
The Multipurpose Trainer is designed for training and may never be used for operational use. This projectile may badly hurt an unprotected human target.
Does the JellyBaton hurt?  
Not applicable.
The JellyTrainer is designed for training  (not for Man to Man training).
In case of operational use: the Jelly Baton is considered to be the least lethal projectile. It doesn’t penetrate the skin and it shouldn’t break any bone. We consider its impact comparable with a Mike Tyson’s uppercut.


regarding dedicated weapons

 Small Caliber


 37/40 mm


How much time does it take to dedicate the weapon?


The dedication should be made by an approved gunsmith only. For him, 3 up to 20 minutes should be enough.


Not applicable.


Who will dedicate the weapons?


The dedication should be made by an approved gunsmith only.


Not applicable.


Does this mean that we will have to give several guns to be dedicated?


That is what we would recommend.


Not applicable.


Is it possible to convert the dedicated weapons back to fire life ammunition?


Yes It’s possible, but we do not recommend it.


Not applicable.


Is it possible to use our personal gun with a conversion to do the training and to convert it back after the training?


It’s possible, but we do not recommend it. We recommend to use weapons that have been dedicated to fire with AirMunition only.


Not applicable.

Maintenance and after sales service


Small Caliber

37 / 40 mm


What happens if we loose an Aircartridge?


Don’t forget that it is possible to train inside with AirMunition. You will normally not train with it outside in the forest, in the desert or on a military training field, for this purpose use PyroSafe. However the Aircartridges are easy to find on the ground.


It’s unlikely that a Aircartridge will be lost, since they are quiet big.
However for each Aircartridge lost you will be charged US$ 500.

What  happens if we break a Aircartridge?


The Aircartridges are made in Stainless Steel (aluminum for the Medium Caliber?) and they are really strong. If you use them according to the instructions they will never break.


The Aircartridges are made in Stainless Steel (aluminum for the Medium Caliber?) and they are really strong. If you use them according to the instructions they will never break.


What kind of guarantee do we have?


Reloading equipment: 2 years
Aircartridges: 500 shots
Dedications: 1 year
But don’t forget: most of the car manufacturers gave a 1, 2 or 3 years guarantee.
It doesn’t mean that a car will last only for
1, 2 or 3 years.


We replace everything free of charge as long as the customer use our products according to the end-user manual.


In case of replacement, for which price?



We replace them in the pro rata of how many times they have been fired. If your Aircartridges have been fired 450 times, then we can replace them with a 10% discount, or we can replace only 10% of the Aircartridges you have sent us back.


Nothing. You will just have to send us the damaged Aircartridge back.  So it is really a replacement.


Does this mean that you will never repair / refurbish  the Aircartridges?


Although theoretically possible, it’s more economical to replace them by new ones.


This depends on the condition of the Aircartridge.
If it can be refurbished relatively easy, we will repair. Because it would be a pity to throw away such a high technology product just because we have to change a broken O’Ring.
As a customer you won’t notice the difference because you are not buying the Aircartridge, but merely paying for using a 100% reliable Aircartridge.


How to count the numbers of shots?


We have tools in Switzerland that allows us to count the straight on the sleeve and the marks of the firing pin. The accuracy of this system is precise up to 10 %.


There is a counter on the Reloading Station, so rather than counting the shot per Aircartridge, we count the total number of shots per period. Normal replacement of Aircartridges (so except from malfunctioning) is done after an average of approx. 500 shots per Aircartridge have been fired.


We will then have to spend a lot of time to look for and pick up all the Aircartridges?


In practice this normally is no problem at all. Provided that you have enough Aircartridges for everybody to absolve a normal training session, your training will not need to be interrupted. Afterwards (as long as the training is indoors) you should be able to collect the Aircartridges in a few minutes time.


Not at all. You just have to take the Aircartridge out of the chamber. The only difference with pyrotechnics is that you will not burn your fingers.


We will then have to spend a lot of time to reload all the Aircartridges?



A mere 2 seconds per Aircartridge is not a lot. If one team is reloading the Aircartridges while another team is training, there is no lost of time.


A mere 2 seconds per shot is not a lot considering how much money you will safe with this system.