The RecoilRound system has been developed especially for simulator training and i.a. initial weapon handling when using semi and fully automatic weapons (9 mm). For the RecoilRound, AirMunition uses dedications(modified barrels which are plugged, therefore no projectile  can be launched).

The lack of realistic weapon functioning as experienced within today’s video simulator system has formed the basis for AirMunition to develop a “recoil only” Aircartridge to provide realistic weapon use. The so-called RecoilRound can also be used as the safest possible blank firing cartridge in different levels of basic and remedial training.


Minimum warranty of the 9 mm RecoilRound is by average 600 shots.


System parts:

  • Gun dedication
  • Reloading equipment
  • Compressed air 200 Bar/2900 PSI (not included)
  • RecoilRound
  • Simulator environment


    • Judgmental
    • Weapon theory
    • Initial weapon handling
    • Sighting, trigger practice