These one-time use Pyrosafe™ cartridges are designed to provide recoil only, or either a marking or kinetic only, force-on-force training solution and can be used both indoor and outdoor without the need for a conventional live-fire facility.

Pyrosafe™ has all the advantage of AirMunition but in a disposal case, therefore the best solution for outdoor training.



Balistic data for 9mm with pellet or ManMarker bullet:

Velocity at: Muzzle 300 fps / 94 m/s
  22.4ft / 7m 253 fps / 79 m/s
Impact Energy (joules) Muzzle 2.2 Joules
  22.4ft / 7m 1.5 Joules
Grouping at: 22.4ft / 7m <7 inches / <180mm