AirMunition provides the complete range of Aircartridges, projectiles, weapon dedication kits and reloading equipment for both training and man-on-man simulation use by Law Enforcement, Military (Peacekeeping) and the professional security branch.

AirMunition is a family name for compressed air-based munition system. The prime example is a patented Aircatridge, which incorporates a highly sophisticated valve mechanism that releases the pent-up force of compressed air when a firing-pin strikes a valve in place of the primer. Aircatridge are designed and manufactured in Switzerland, to the same precise engineering standards developed by the Swiss watch-making industries.

New Standards
AirMunition technology has made it possible to set new standards and write new rules for firearms training and use of force.
AirMunition provides:

  1. better, more realistic training opportunities
  2. Lower costs
  3. Highest possible safety

AirMunition is a rugged, reliable product that does not have an expiry date. Those standards represent new added value for Law Enforcement, Correction and Military training.

New Application
AirMunition is much more than one training system. It is a technology that allows new training concepts to be applied in specialist environments.

Better training:
Using AirMunition allows your weapon to be fully functional in the same manner, as it would be with live ammunition; there is a realistic recoil and the cartridges are ejected, the weapon is fully functional even for immediate action drills, like handgun handling or miss fire simulation by simply using an uncharged Aircartridge. All this and more results in the realistic and super safe realistic training. Students can now fully concentrate on the basic fundamentals of shooting and easily identify any problems.