The pellet firing Training system is available for both pistols (9 mm with the necessary conversion kit in condition blue) and revolvers (.38 SPL/.357 MAG). The system is developed for use in various training situations. Because the plastic pellet is very accurate and consistent, the number of applications is only limited by the imagination of the user. It can be applied for both basic and advanced training and can also be used together with interactive target systems.

Minimum warranty of the .38 Aircartridge is by average 500 shots.

System parts:

  • Standard pistol of revolver (not included)
  • Pistol dedication kit or revolver cylinder safety inserts
  • Reloading equipment
  • Compressed air 200 Bar/2900 PSI (.38) - 250 Bar/3625 PSI (7.8 mm) (not included)
  • Aircartridges
  • Pellets


  • General gun handling practice
  • Shooting at interactive targets
  • Initial firearm practice
  • Instinctive shooting
  • Reaction shooting
  • Draw-aim-shoot practice
Man-to-man: only with the 9 mm Aircartridge
AirMunition reloading equipment is available as an adapted standard reloading press connected via a remote connection to a breathing air cylinder or a more sophisticated continuous air supply for high volume professional end-users.  The output is around 300 BAR depending on the type of AirCartridge and weapon used.

Balistic data for 9mm and 357/38 Special with pellet or ManMarker bullet:

Velocity at: Muzzle 300 fps / 94 m/s
  22.4ft / 7m 253 fps / 79 m/s
Impact Energy (joules) Muzzle 2.2 Joules
  22.4ft / 7m 1.5 Joules
Grouping at: 22.4ft / 7m <7 inches / <180mm