The Aircartridge is the heart of the AirMunition system. Its unique patented air propulsion technology  provides the ability to fire a variety of projectiles and payloads using just plain compressed air. The Aircartridge is refilled in a mere 3 seconds and can be fired 600 times, guaranteed. This means unlimited training at a fraction of the cost. By using air there are not hazardous gases or toxins. Training can now be indoor without the need of a firing range. The Aircartridge is completely safe and most cost-effective means of training available today.
The 37mm and 40mm Aircartridge are compatible with most current launchers. You only need to fire the Aircartridge once, to see that is a one-to-one replacement for wide variety of pyrotechnic rounds. It offers increased training opportunities in a safer manner, at a fraction of the cost. The 37mm or 40mm Aircartridge is able to fire the Multipurpose Trainer projectiles accurately up to a distances of 50 yards.
For the Medium caliber training AirMunition develops the APT program, that is a training system based on full-service concept that includes all the hardware components at no charge. The APT program requires no large investment. It allows you to shoot for less money per shot.
The APT program increases your training at cost effective. The training equipment remains the property of AirMunition and we have interest in ensuring that your equipment is fully functional while you enjoy its benefits. AirMunition APT program will reduce both direct and indirect costs.
37mm multipurpose
Velocity at: Muzzle 236 fps / 74 m/s
  80ft / 25m 202 fps / 63 m/s
  160ft / 50m 170 fps / 53 m/s
Impact Energy (joules) Muzzle 211 Joules
  80ft / 25m 153 Joules
  160 ft / 50m 108 Joules
Grouping at: 30ft / 10m 3'' Diameter / 40 x 100mm
  50ft / 16m 6'' Diameter / 120 x 150mm
  80ft / 25m 7'' Diameter / 180 x 180mm