The 12 gauge Aircartridge is the most useful training system for Less Lethal Weapons operator, it is the best training system for those specific training with a full simulation from the loading in the firearms to the shot. It guarantees the best man-on-man simulation at the highest safety level. Like all the other AirMunition systems can be used indoor and outdoor.
For the Medium caliber training AirMunition develops the APT program, that is a training system based on full-service concept that includes all the hardware components at no charge. The APT program requires no large investment. It allows you to shoot for less money per shot.
The APT program increases your training at cost effective. The training equipment remains the property of AirMunition and we have interest in ensuring that your equipment is fully functional while you enjoy its benefits. AirMunition APT program will reduce both direct and indirect costs.
Technical Specification

12-gauge multipurpose projectile

Distance (meters) 2.5m 10m
Velocity (m/s) 144.3 m/s 125.5 m/s
Impact Energy (joules) 50.8 Joules 38.4 Joules
Dispersion (Group Dia mm) n/a <120mm